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Hi Do you do the great lengths keratin hair extensions? If so I’d like to get an idea of costs. Also do you offer any keratin treatments to protect and smooth hair? Thanks Natasha from Natasha 7. October 2015

Hi Natasha,
yes we do ‘Great Lenghts’ in salon with Jessica. For estimation of pricing you will need to call up and book in for a consultation with Jessica so she can then have a look and decide on which colour and how many bonds will be needed. She will then also do strand tests by putting in a few tester pieces to see how you get along with them. We also do a keratin service called nano-keratin which is perfect for smoothing the hair and reducing the blow drying time by up to 80%. For more information on this you can give us a call.

My wife would like to know if you do eyebrow colouring and how much from Peter Parsons 7. October 2015

Thanks for getting in contact with us, we used to do beauty in the salon but unfortunately we no longer do it as part of our services.

Hello, just went to book my appointment online but couldn’t find James. Has he left? Could you tell me where he has gone? from tara 3. September 2015

James has not left the salon he is now under a different name ‘Matt or Matthew’ as this is his real name, James was his salon name. Many Thanks Genesis team

I’d like to ask what the ‘finish’ involves and how long it lasts. Thanks. from Jo 3. September 2015

A ‘Finish’ is a blow dry. This kind of service will differ depending on the individuals hair length and texture. To book a appointment please contact the salon on 01480 464259. Thanks Genesis Team

Is there any way I can grow my hair faster? 29. July 2014

There is not an overnight fix but frequent trims and the right use of recommended products with help with the growth of your hair.

How do I deal with dandruff? 29. July 2014

A dry scalp is often mistaken for dandruff but is usually caused by product build up and not rinsing hair properly. Also rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Try using a build up remover treatment try Kerastase  Bain exfoliant hydrant.

My hair also looks duller and darker during winter how can I liven it up without colouring it? 29. July 2014

There are many ways to brighten your hair during the winter months.
1) Shine sprays are an amazing way to give your hair a new lease of life.
2) As a salon we provide a glossing service this contains no colour but will give your hair shine for weeks on end.
3) Sleep in rollers are also a great way to give your hair the bounce and body that it lacks in the colder months.
4) Treatment services will put moisture shine and vibrancy to your hair ranging from £7.70-£12.00 which can last up to 5 washes in your hair.

What aftercare would you recommended to keep my colour looking fresh and brighter for longer? 29. July 2014

Maintaining your colour with a colour stay shampoo we have many different in our ranges to cater for all hair types.

How much would hair extensions cost me? 29. July 2014

This can differ depending on look, length and style. please feel free to book in with our hair extension specialist for a complimentary consultation.

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