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Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing at Genesis Hair & Beauty Salon, Cambridge

nanokeratin hair smoothing treatmentsSay hello to straighter, silky hair with the latest hair smoothing treatment from Genesis Hair Salon in St Ives, Cambridge.

Our Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing treatment will leave you with smoother, shinier and healthier hair that is frizz-free for up to 12 weeks.

Effective on all hair types, this hair straightening system is designed to work with your hair’s texture so the results will depend on your hair type and condition.

Come and talk to our stylists for a free no-obligation consultation.  We can assess your hair and advise on the cost and time it will take to transform your hair.  

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Brazilian Blow Dry Treatments at Genesis Hair Salon in St Ives

nanokeratin hair smoothing treatmentsA Brazilian blow dry is another name for a keratin hair smoothing treatment. It is a revolutionary hair treatment which smooths and repairs hair. During the treatment, keratin particles are locked deep within damaged hair leaving it smooth, silky and shiny. The quality and condition of your hair will improve with each application. 

After your treatment, you will find that your styling time is dramatically reduced and your hair will less likely be affected by humidity, rain and perspiration.  

Hair Smoothing Treatment – After Care 

Avoid getting your hair wet until after the advised 3 day period when you can wash it with the after-care products suggested by your hair smoothing expert. This will ensure your hair is given enough time to blend with the keratin. 

Do not tie your hair or use any hair accessories as it can leave dents in your hair due to the keratin still being active.

Keep your hair looking its best with the latest range of Nanokeratin hair care products. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, masks, primers and creams designed for every hair type and need.

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Book Your Hair Smoothing Appointment at Genesis Hair & Beauty Salon in St Ives, Cambridge

During your hair smoothing consultation, we will get a better understanding of your hair type, condition and a complete overview of your hair history which will ensure you get perfect results.  If you’re looking for a professional hair straightening consultation, please call the salon on 01480 464259.

nanokeratin hair smoothing treatmentsnanokeratin hair smoothing treatments nanokeratin hair smoothing treatments