Hair Colours You’ll Want to Show Your Genesis Hair Stylist!

Hair Colours You’ll Want to Show Your Genesis Hair Stylist!

Winter Hair Colour Trends at Genesis Hair Salon St. Ives, Cambridge

Do you want to change your hair colour? At Genesis Hair Salon in St.Ives, Cambridge we love to keep up to date with the latest hair colouring trends and techniques and what better excuse than the change of season to change your hair colour?

Better still, why not upgrade your service and book in for one of our luxury in salon treatments? Sit back, relax and unwind and start the new season in style…

Ice White Hair Colours

ICE-white-hair-colour-genesis-hair-salon-st.ivesCreate stunning results that will brighten up your hairstyle instantly with an ice queen platinum blonde hair colour. This striking look is perfect if you want a cool blonde hair colour, but remember you will need to invest in toners, treatments and regular salon visits to keep your roots in check and your hair looking healthy.

Honey Highlights 

Caramel-bronde-highlights-genesis-hair-salon-st-ivesDo you want a natural looking hair colour that suits all skin tones, is low maintenance and a hot new colour trend? Then why not add a scattering of beautiful honey blonde highlights and add richness and shine to your locks?

Highlights are a great way to achieve natural looking colour, the hair colour experts at Genesis suggest adding highlights to your locks if you’re feeling nervous or new to dying your hair. Take a look at all the hair colouring services available in our St.Ives hairdressing salon.

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Dark & Moody Hues

dark-brown-hair-colours-genesis-hair-salon-st.ivesRich, deep, raven coloured hues have been seen on countless runways. This striking look will add shine, depth and tone to dull, washed out locks.  Speak to your Genesis stylist about whether a striking dark will suit your complexion before taking the plunge.

Winter Balayage Hair Colours 

balayage-hair-colour-genesis-hair-salon-cambridgeBalayage is no doubt one of the most popular hair colouring technique at Genesis Hair Company, providing a natural looking, sun-kissed hair colour all year round. The natural looking balayage has been around for some time now and has paved the way for new balayage hair trends such as the copper balayage with a darker root colour.

Dusty Rose Hair Colour Trend

pink-hair-colours-genesis-hair-salon-cambridgePeach hair shades and softer cherry blossom colours are big hair trends for winter. They are hair colours that suit most skin tones and create stunning results that will brighten up your hairstyle instantly. So, if you have blonde hair and want to add an exciting twist – why not add a little bit of pink to the mix?

Book your Hair Colour Appointment at Genesis Hair Salon in /st. Ives, Cambridge

We can help you find the perfect hair colour – from platinum blondes, bold reds and classic brunettes. Our long-lasting permanent hair colours and temporary shades can be added to your hair to boost natural hair colour, give hair a better depth of colour and lots of shine.

If you’re looking for a fabulous new hair colour, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01480 464259.