Brand Of The Month – System Professional

Brand Of The Month – System Professional

Introducing System Professional Energy Code

Combining cutting edge science with a unique coded care system, System Professional Energy Code is a prescriptive home care product range which is tailored to each individual and their hair needs.

No two people have the same hair – in fact, your hair is as unique as your fingerprint – which is why we’d like to introduce you to System Professional Energy Code.  Energy Code technology is designed to re-establish the hair’s natural moisture balance and protect the keratin, for hair that feels back to a reborn state.

Your stylist at Genesis Hair & Beauty Salon in St Ives, Cambridge, can map your hair profile and prescribe products and an energy code out of more than 174 MILLION combinations to truly transform your hair. 


1) Liquid Hair
Liquid Hair, hair treatments, genesis hair salon, st ives, cambridgeThis unique product is my number 1 go to for clients with severely stressed and fragile hair.

Repairing the hair fibre it is like the cement for brick walls!! Team up with Elastic Force for instant repair, flexibility and beautiful shine and reinforced hair for up to five washes.

**Shampoo the hair, towel dry and apply 5-8 pipettes from roots to ends and blow dry until 80% dry.

Blast with cool air for a few seconds and then rinse thoroughly.

Style as normal.


2) Elastic Force
Wella hair treatments, genesis hair salon, st ives, cambridgeAn instant treatment for all hair types especially for those looking for silky hair with more bounce, all the while improving resilience and strength. 

**Simply shampoo and condition the hair, towel dry and spray directly all over.

Comb through.

Rinse for 15 seconds and style as normal.



3) Color Save Bi-Phase Conditioner 
Wella hair treatments, genesis hair salon, st ives, cambridgeThis lightweight, leave-in colour save spray is a multi tasking genius! With added UVA and UVB filters, the milky phase protects the hair and saves colour from harmful sun rays and heat protection. Doubled up with the clear phase which protects the keratin for added strength and shine. This product is also a great conditioner on its own and perfect for clients with fine hair who don’t like the heaviness of a regular conditioner.

** After shampooing, towel dry the hair, shake and mix the 2 liquids together and spray evenly all through the hair.

Comb through and style as normal.

No need to rinse out. 

4) Solar Shampoo
Wella hair treatments, genesis hair salon, st ives, cambridgePerfect for clients who have an active, outdoor lifestyle that involves high exposure to chlorine, sun and salt water. This product gently moisturises and is colour safe.

Team with Solar Conditioner for ultimate sun protection.





5) Aerolifter
Wella hair treatments, genesis hair salon, st ives, cambridgeFor clients who don’t like regular conditioners. This lightweight leave in mousse contains extracts of creatine to help plump up fine hair strands and add volume. This is not a styling volumising mousse but more of a “plumping” conditioner. Pair with a volume/thickening styling product for extra body.

** Apply all over after shampooing and towel drying.






The only product range that gives you a personal hair care prescription, Wella System Professional contains cutting edge technology like no other brand. It combines 4 unique key ingredients that get the hair back to as virgin state as possible. No two products will be from the same range, meaning your hair’s needs will be fully catered for.