NEW Creative Hair Colours

NEW Creative Hair Colours

12 Vibrant New Hair Colours at Genesis Hair & Beauty Salon in St Ives, Cambridge

We love to keep up to date with the latest hair trends and colouring techniques at Genesis Hair Company and are excited to introduce you to the latest hair colours from Wella Professionals.  We can deliver a range of sensational looks in our St Ives hairdressing salon ranging from soft pastels to bright, fashion colours.

Color Fresh CREATE offers semi-permanent hair colour with a palette of 12 pure vibrant shades and one clear shade. 

The specially crafted colours allow for the colour range to be mixed for maximum creativity and bespoke hair colouring!  They also fade out true to tone, which means these semi-permanent colours gradually wash out from your hair without losing the shade values.

So, for example if you’ve chosen a striking mermaid blue hair colour, your hair will start off an intense shade and gradually fade to a lighter shade of blue. The same rule applies for blue, green, yellow, orange, violet…


Color Fresh CREATE Hair Colours at Genesis Hair Company Hair Salon in St Ives

Color Fresh CREATE Genesis hair company St IvesColor Fresh CREATE Genesis hair company St Ives

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