Reputable Ear & Body Piercing at Genesis Beauty Salon in St Ives, Cambridge

ear piercing at genesis hair company in st ives, cambridgeGenesis Hair & Beauty Salon in St Ives, Cambridge, offers a safe and professional ear and body piercing service in comfortable and relaxed surroundings.  Our expert ear and body piercers in St Ives are fully trained with more than 20 years of combined experience. 

We offer ears, nose, belly button, eyebrows, tongue, naval body piercing procedures, and all jewellery, needles and tools are individually sterilised.

Please note:  Our piercing services have certain age restrictions.  We prefer a parent or legal guardian to be present during the treatment of youngsters aged 14-17.  The parent or legal guardian must be in the treatment room at all times for body piercings.   

Ear Piercing & Body Piercing at Top Beauty Salon in Cambridge

Genesis Hair & Beauty Salon uses the trusted and widely recognised Studex ear piercing system which allows your new ear studs to be placed with surgical precision.  All our Studex ear studs exceed EC requirements and are sealed and sterilised in individual packages. 

We also offer tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing, naval and belly button piercing, lip piercing, nipple piercing and skin surface piercing  For further enquiries, please speak to one of our expert technicians on 01480 464259.

Ear & Body Piercing – After Care Advice 

ear piercing services, body piercing, st ives hair & beauty salon, Genesis Hair CoWe offer full after care information and products and our staff are always available to answer any queries or concerns you may have following your piercing service.

We recommend your leave your studs in your piercing for at least six weeks and in your cartilage for at least 12 weeks continuously.  After this time, we recommend you use post-style earrings (made from surgical stainless steel or other hypo-allergenic material) for the first six months after the initial piercing.

You may experience some minor pain or redness immediately after your piercing.  This is normal and usually settles within 48 hours, provided proper after-care is carried out.  If undue pain, swelling or redness occurs at any time, seek medical advice before removing the piercing. 

We strongly advise you follow our after care procedures to avoid causing permanent damage to the pierced area.

Ear Piercing Prices

Ear piercing is available from £13.00, including after care solution.
Body Piercing is available from £25.00, including after care solution.

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For more information, please call Genesis Hair Company on 01480 464259 where we will be delighted to answer your queries.