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Question: “My hair is too dry and looks slightly damaged from over styling, do you have suggestions or tips on how I can improve the condition of my hair?” – Emily Hanks

Answer: “Sorry to hear you are experiencing hair damage. Hair damage can be quite a distressing experience. We would advise avoiding chemical treatments and avoid heat and over-styling your hair at home for a while. Also, there are quite a good number of treatments to help strengthen and protect your hair from damage such as Olaplex. It is a great treatment that treats hair damage from within and works by reconstructing the broken bonds in the hair. We offer this treatment at our salon   Give us a call on 01480 464 259.

Question: “My hair is quite thin and never seems to have much volume. How do I get my hair more bouncy and keep a style?” – Julia Lawrence

Answer:  “A bob, short or mid-length hair cut and style are good lengths for making fine hair look thicker and there are also lots of cutting techniques which can help. Why not visit us at the hair salon in St Ives for a free consultation? That way, we can take a look at your hair to give us a better idea of its condition. ”

Question: “I used a home hair dye kit to colour my hair.  It is now a yellowy blonde and a bit patchy – which is not the look I wanted at all.  Why did this happen and how can I get the colour I want without ruining my hair?” – Sarah Jones

Answer:  “I’m sorry to hear about your hair colour problem, but do not despair.  We are experts in hair colour corrections and we can help transform your hair to a lovely blonde shade that suits you.  The reason it went yellow is because you removed the solution too early and it is patchy because the hair strands were not evenly coated.  We do often advise not to try and correct the problem yourself but to seek expert hands. Why don’t you book in for a free consultation with one of our colour technicians so we can assess the damage and work out a plan of action?”