Trendy Prom Hairstyles

Trendy Prom Hairstyles

The Best Prom Hairstyles at Genesis Hair & Beauty Salon in St Ives, Cambridge

wedding make up, genesis hair & beauty salon, st ivesThinking of what your prom night would look like can set you into more panic than you bargained for. No doubt, you want to be a centre attraction that night. So planning your hairstyle in advance is one of the basic things that will make your prom worthwhile. 

At Genesis hair salon in St Ives, we create beautiful prom hairstyles personalised to your theme, dress and overall look.  Don’t forget to check out our fantastic hair styling and hair colour offers. Call us on  01480 464259 to book an appointment.

In the meantime, continue reading for some cool hair vibes that can leave you super romantic on your prom night.

Curly Prom Hairstyles

To get that classy and alluring look to rock on your prom night, a curly hairstyle is a perfect option. Our team of stylists will give you that gorgeous curl that will leave you looking stunning all night long. 


Curly hairstyles are a great choice for prom nights, however, the risk of losing the curl is high. This happens when hair gets too soft and slippery. If your curl is on a day old hair, you do not need to worry too much about this problem, as curls stay better on day old hair. With the following tips you will be sure to keep your curls looking amazing all night.

  • Part your hair in sections and apply a setting lotion to each section before curling your hair with a wand or tong.  Pin your curl in place so it is tightly wrapped up and let it cool before releasing it.
  • Finish with a spritz of hairspray.
  • Do not be tempted to fiddle with your hair as this will cause the curls to drop out faster

Wearing Your Hair Up for Prom 

There is an endless list of hair up prom hairstyles we can create. From chignons to ballerina buns, you will leave our hair salon in St Ives looking elegant and beautiful. Upstyles and updos are popular hairstyles that pretty much fit all face shapes and prom dresses.


  • You can trust bobby pins when it comes to keeping your updo in place. Criss-cross them for a better hold.
  • Your upstyle is more complete when you have the necessary hair accessories. You can make use of decorative clips that match the colour of your hair to add that glamour to your look.
  • Control fly-away hair strands by making sure your hair is well hydrated. This you can do by spraying your hair and brush accordingly.

Plaited Prom Hairstyles 

Braids and plaits work perfectly well for any hair length, even those with short hair. Just come along with a picture of an outfit you would like to wear and our expert hair stylists will work our magic.


Braids misbehave often in fine and thin hair. It could slip off even before you finish the braids. To have your braid stay longer, ensure that you adhere to the following tips:

  • Add some grip to your hair. Try using a hair salt spray or dry shampoo in a clean hair.
  • Spray some hairspray to add some volume and keep the braids where you want them.
  • Keep hold of your braid, ensure you keep it tight.
  • Bobby pins come handy at this point. They help you keep the first part of each section of your braids fixed. There are different types of bobby pins around. Buy the one that suits you best.

Prom Make Up at Top Beauty Salon in St Ives, Cambridge

Look super stunning on prom night with professional make-up from Genesis Beauty Salon in St Ives, Cambridge. Our experienced make up artists can cater to your beauty needs to ensure you look fabulous. We have professional make-up artists that will put you on the next level of gorgeousness. To book an appointment call us on  01480 464259.