Why is balayage hair colour so popular & will it suit me?

Why is balayage hair colour so popular & will it suit me?

All you need to know about… balayage from the experts at Genesis Hair Company in St Ives


Balayage is the most popular hair colour request in our St Ives hairdressing salon and it’s not difficult to understand why! Balayage has been a game changer in the hairdressing world – no longer do you have to sit for hours on end having lots of highlights added to your hair.

This modern highlighting technique allows for a flattering, natural look that can be tailored to suit you. Or if you are feeling brave you can opt for a more dramatic hair colour choice instead. Better still, balayage is a low maintenance hair colour that can accentuate your hairstyle and facial features.

The hair colour specialists at Genesis Hair Company give you their professional opinion on why the trend for balayage hair colour is still booming! We also offer a complimentary hair colour consultation, book in now by calling us on 01480 464259.

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What should I ask for when booking in for balayage?

Popular questions we here at Genesis Hair Company are ‘what else is balayage called‘ & ‘is balayage the same as ombre’? Clients also ask for baby lights, root stretch or colour melting, which are slightly different to balayage. Our team of hair colour technicians are highly trained and experienced to understand exactly what look you want

What is natural looking balayage?

Natural looking balayage gives a relaxed looking hair colour – as if your hair has been kissed by the sun. Your stylist will add a darker colour to the roots that then blend out to a lighter shade towards the ends. Choose from buttery blondes, warm caramels and ash blondes for an on-trend and easy to maintain look.

Is balayage the same as highlights?

Balayage is similar to highlights in the fact that it can lighten and change the tone of your hair, but it is a more modern technique. The hair colour can be hand painted directly onto the hair to allow your stylist to create face framing highlights that are bespoke to you.

Will I suit balayage?

The great thing about balayage hair colour is that it suits short, medium and long hair. No matter if you want to liven up a dull mousy brown shade, have fun with a vibrant red or brighten up a dirty blonde hair colour – balayage is the trend for you!

What do I need to do before I visit Genesis Hair Company for my hair colour appointment?

Prior to your colour appointment, we advise you to pop in for a complimentary hair colour consultation so you can talk to your stylist about your ideas. we can then chat further about how long your balayage appointment will take, and check the condition of your hair.

If your hair is fragile or damaged we may advise a course of Olaplex treatments or intense treatments beforehand to rebuild the hair.

What colour choices can I have with balayage?

You can opt for a subtle, soft highlighted look or if you are feeling adventurous try a brighter fashion coloured balayage instead. Choose from deep purples with a darker root colour or even the latest silver grey balayage hair colours.

Why is Genesis Hair Company the best salon in St Ives for balayage?

Whatever your hair needs, the team of hair colour experts at Genesis Hair Company will offer advice and inspiration. We have six Wella Master Colour Experts who have the highest qualification in colour. Two of these colour technicians are double degree qualified so you are in safe hands.

The stylists at Genesis Hair Salon in St Ives, Cambridge also offer bespoke hair colour correction treatments. they can bring your hair back to beautiful condition if you have had a previous bad experience when colouring your hair.

Examples of balayage at Genesis Hair Salon